FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do i place my order?

It's easy!

1. Just follow the steps, filling in the options, and place your item in your cart by using the "Add To Shopping Cart" -button. You can continue shopping when you have placed your item in your cart.

2. Click the cart icon in the menu to view your cart and your items with the "View My Chart" -button. Here you are able to overview your cart and handle your purchase such as delete items and/or add information (*add note) for special instructions.

3. When you are satisfied with your buy - Just click the "To Checkout" -button (Payment).

4. Fill in your information and shipping adress. Please allow 14 days for delivery.

5. Choose payment method and send your order.

We will automaticly create an account for you as soon as you followed your purchase throughout the checkout. With this you can login and view your order as we handle it.
When you finally pay for your order your account will use your personal info for your account. This will only be saved as soon as the order are beeing shipped.
As soon as your order have been delivered, your account will be deleted (GDPR).
No information will be saved without permission.

Do you ship outside Europe (EEC)??

No! For now we do not offer shipping outside Europe or the EEC counties.
For now we only offer shipping to Scandianvia and Greece.

Why do you have different shipping fee's?

Since we are located in Greece, on the island of Crete, We use TAXYDROMIKI.gr wich are a greek delivery company and therefore we follow the prices pending on the delivery zones used by the company.
Shipping and fees are standard inside greece but this may vary outside greece.
This due to the transfer fees and your chosen method of payment.
This vary between €2.30 to €4.00 depending on your location (Greece or Scandinavia).
This we must however debit for. You will be notified before you will be billed thru your credit card.

*We try to update our shop with correct fees and information. However, this may vary as cost changes and local fee's may occur when transported. For better information, please add check the correct info in the field when ordering.

How do i know you got my order?

You can be totally safe! When you send your order, we always answer with an confirmation e-mail to secure your purchase.

If you do not recieve an confirmation e-mail, please contact us so we can help you.

Our system do not collect any specific information regarding age and gender (Demographics). This to prevent any GDPR -violations.

We only ask for your:
1. Adress (also shipping adress).
2. Name(s).
3. E-mail (for your confirmation e-mail).
4. Telephone (for SMS confirmation).
5. Question if you want to subscribe to our newsletter (optional).
6. All card information are held and managed by bank & third party (PayPal etc.).

No extra fee's will be charged after you sent your order.

Can i pay with a Credit card?

Yes! Of course.
Just click the "PayPal" -option in your cart when you checkout and you will be transfered to our safe paysite for PayPal (SSL Secured).
Please note that extra fee's may occur for customers outside of greece.
If you need more information regarding your purchase, please contact us for more info.

Accepted creditcards: VISA, Maestro, Master Card, American Express.


Για αποστολη με παραδοση την επομενη εργασιμη, η χρεωση διαμορφωνεται στα 3.80€ μεχρι τα 2 κιλα βαρους. Για καθε επιπλεον κιλο, η χρεωση ανερχεται σε 1.00€.
Για καθε αποστολη με εντολη αντικαταβολης μετρητοις, ανεξαρτητως προορισμου, η χρεωση διαμορφωνεται στα 4.00€ μεχρι τα 2 κιλα βαρους, Για καθε τα επιπλεον κιλο, η χρεωση ανερχεται σε 0,80€.